Watch out. This babe understands the way to manage a firearm.

It's no surprise that Amber Noticed is killin' it in the looks division (please don't hesitate to make use of the aforementioned picture as proof), but she's additionally killin' it--actually--in her forthcoming film, 3 Times to Destroy.

The performer, who seems stunning while reclining on a sofa as her gown strap falls off her shoulder, discusses her breeding in Tx in Vanity Fair's March problem.

"Anytime I could fire the firearm rather than throw the bouquet, it's exciting for me personally," Johnny Depp's fiance informed the magazine. "Dad is the typical old-school Texan. He wants to hunt. He took me to the capturing range in the time I possibly could hold a firearm, and I did goal practice virtually my entire life." Heard, who performs an attractive FBI agent that doesn't have trouble killing, expressed related thoughts while discussing with E! Information in Beverly Hills to advertise her movie.

"I prefer to fire the firearm and conserve the woman or conserve the man or be despised than be cunning, sweet and lovable and adored," she stated. "It is a lot more interesting. It's always more interesting to play a bad ass. I fight for all those characters."

"I just make a number of films a yr because for everyone that I take, I've said no thanks to a lot of romantic films where I bat my eye-lashes and catch the bouquet," she stated.

"He is a just great ol' American man. He jogs my memory of the folks I spent my youth with and who I grew up by, therefore I got him. He and I simply got each other promptly."

changed February 20, 2014