The rapper is now demanding that his wifey-to-be Kimkardashian decline any and all paid looks after her weird date to the Opera Ball in Wien.

"He went atomic when Kim K informed him somebody had employed the N-term before her and among the invitees was wearing blackface. It had been his guidance to depart immediately, no-questions asked. It Is maybe not about the cash. Kanye shared with her no more compensated looks. It was attempting to sell her soul rather than worthwhile. How significantly more cash does Kim want?

We loathe to confess it, but we need to agree with Kanye on that 1!

Kimmy is worth millions and today she will be incorporating her guy's wealth to her already stuffed bank account, thus we'ren't really certain why she'd DESIRE to really go to such occasions anymore. See more

changed March 7, 2014